SUBJECT: Combat Operation After Action Report ( VERNON LAKE II )


03 Nov 68: A-1-20 Inf. airlifted from LZ PEPPER  to FSB CORK AND FSB PEPER was closed out. A co departed Cork to conduct a combat
sweep to the north.


06 Nov 68: 1-46 Inf became OPCON and conducted a combat assault from QUANG NGAI Airfield into an LZ vic BS455588. At the completion
of the CA the 1-46 Infantry conducted a combat sweep to the NW.


09 Nov 68:  D-4-3  Inf conducted a combat assault into LZ Amy (BS473525) to secure it for future use as a fire support base,


10 Nov 68: 1-46 Inf air lifted from VERNON LAKE II AO  into QUANG NGAI Airfield ceasing operations in VERNON LAKE II  and returned
to OPCON of the 196th Inf Bde effective 101800 Nov 68. D-4-21 was air lifted from QUANG NGAI Airfield to LZ Amy to secure the LZ. D-4-3,
after being replaced conducted a CA to LZ Warrior (BS383528) to secure the LZ for the 4-3 Inf for further operations.


11 Nov 68: 4-21 (-) D co air moved from QUANG NGAI Airfield to MINH LONG SF Camp to prepare for deployment into the VERNON


12 Nov 68:  4-21(-) D co conducted a CA into VERNON LAKE II AO to commence operations. The following LZís were used: A co BS435518,
B co BS445519, C co BS409527. D co continued to secure LZ Amy for the emplacement of the 4-21 Infantry CP Group and D-6-11 Artillery.
LZ Amy was now established as Fire Support Base (FSB) Amy.


19 Nov 68: A-6-11 Arty air moved to LZ CAM (BS393501), secured by Recon Co 22d Bn., 2d ARVN Div to establish an FSB for future operations.


20 Nov 68: 3-1 Inf:  B, D coís and recon 3-1 Inf. participated in VERNON LAKE II  for a one day operation by conducting a CA into multiple
LZ vic BS3547 to conduct a recon in force in the Song Re Valley. C co moved to LZ CAM as a reaction force while A co remained at
MINH LONG  as a reaction force. Upon termination of the operation at the end of the day all elements of the 3-1 Inf. were extracted to
MINH LONG SF Camp terminating their operation in VERNON LAKE II at the time.


21 Nov 68: A-6-11 Arty displaced from LZ CAM to MINH LONG SF Camp closing out LZ CAM as a Fire Support Base.


02 Dec 68:  B-1-20 Inf. Conducted a CA to BS320593 and C-1-20 Inf conducted a CA to BS317593 to conduct a recon in force in the upper
Song Re Valley, Recon Plt conducted a CA into LZ VOLUNTEER (BS348594) and secured the LZ for the 1-20 Inf CP Group. D co air lifted
into LZ Volunteer. A co at FSB Cork for security.  


10 Dec 68: 4-21 Inf (-) B co ceased operations in VERNONLAKE II AO  BEING EXTRACTED to MINH LONG SF Camp for future
deployment in the western DUC PHO AO, B co remained on FSB

Amy for security.


13 Dec 68: 1-20 Inf. ceased operations in the Song RE Valley, closing out their OP at LZ VOLUNTEER and moving back to FSB Cork continuing
operations in that area.


17 Dec 68: 1-20 Inf. concluded operations in the VERNON LAKE II AO conducted an air lift into the northern  DUC PHO AO to assume
responsibility of the AO. 3-1 Inf. replaced 1-20 Inf. at FSB Cork and commenced operations in Operation VERNON LAKE II assuming
responsibility for the area around FSB Cork. B-4-21 Inf. remained at FSB AMY for security,


19 Dec 68: 4-21 Inf. (-) B co deployed into the VERNON LAKE II AO with a combat assault into an LZ vicinity BS488441 and conducted
a recon in force in the area. B co continued to secure LZ Amy.


18 Dec 68:  4-21 (-) D co ceased operations in the VERNON LAKE II AO and was air lifted to LZ Buff (BS540825) for further operations.
3-1 Inf. (+) D-4-21 Inf. continued operations in the area around FSB Cork and FSB Amy.


11 Feb 69: 4-21 Inf. (-) rejoined VERNON LAKE II conducting a CA in the AO extension to VERNON LAKE II and the establishment of the
FSB CEDAR MOUNTAIN (BS580655) for Recon in force operation into the AO extension to VERNON LAKE II and establishment of FSB
CEDAR MOUNTAIN.. 4-21 Inf. retained BSB Amy A co for security.


14 Feb 69:4-21 Inf. (-) ceased operations in the VERNON LAKE II AO extension conducting a CA into the DUC PHO AO and closing FSB
CEDAR MOUTAIN.  A-4-21 Inf. became OPCON to 3-1 Inf. and remained on FSB Amy for security, 3-1 Inf. (+) A-4-21 continued limited
operations throughout the VERNON LAKE II AO securing both FSB Cork and FSB Amy until the termination of the operation, 282400 Feb 1969.


11 EXECUTION: See Annex E



A.     Friendly casualties for VERNON LAKE II:

KIA           WIA (E)           WIA (M)


 22                  109                    24


            b. Enemy total results for VERNON LAKE II (See Annex C, Intelligence)


13 LOGISTICS: See Annex B, Logistics



2 November 1968- 28 February 1969

1 Enemy Losses

a.       Personnel

NVA/VC KIA                   143/313

NVA/VS PW                     4/7


CD                                     18





Individual:         139


AK-47             36                                            Pistol                                        4

K-44                28                                            CHICOM MG, Type 56          3

SKS                 21                                            Crossbow                                3

Sub MG           16                                            12 Gauge Shotgun                    2

US Carbine      9                                             M-16                                        2

MAS-36          6                                             German Rifle                             1

M-1                 6                                             LAW                                        1

                                                                        BAR                                        1


Crew Served:  3


B-41 Rocket Launcher 2                      RPG                                         1




Recoilless Rifle Rounds                         Rocket  Rounds


75mm                                         17                  B-41                                          43

57mm                                       115                  B-40                                        197

3.5 inch                                    __3_                                                                240



Mortar Rounds                                     Bicycles and Parts


82mm                                       824                  Bicycles                                       76

81mm                                         19                  Bicycle Frames                15

60mm                                       410                  Tires                                          230

                                              1253                  Inner Tubes                                530

                                                                        Handlebars                                100

                                                                        Sprockets and Pedals                    2 Bags

                                                                        Reflectors                                      2 Bags


Documents                               4,000 pounds


Small  Arms Rounds

AK-47                                     10,507

30 cal                                         4,580

K-44                                          4,060

7.62 (link)                                  3,000

5.56                                                                                      1,118

51 cal                                            400







Medical Supplies

Medicine                                                          578 Assorted Containers

First Aid Dressings                                           254

Plasma                                                               28 Bottles

Surgical Masks                                         8

Medical Gauze                                       75 pounds


Commo Equipment                                           Miscellaneous

Transistor Radios                      4                      Binoculars (Czech)                   2

Panasonic AM Radios              2                      Periscope (German)                  1

Amplifier                                  1                      Flashlights                                 5

Antenna Base for PRC-25        1                      Typewriters                              2

TA 3112 Telephones                3                      60mm Mortar Bipod                 1

Radio Power Packs                  2                      Spears                                      11

                                                                        Long Bows                               1

Material                                                            M-16 Cleaning Kits                  3

                                                                        Holsters                                    2

Gray Cloth                               550 yards         Vises                                        2

Cheese Cloth                            400 yards         Air Pumps                                2

Black Cloth                              140 Yards        Grease                                    35 Gallons

Black Linen                                75 yards         Oil                                            5   Gallons

Green Plastic                              75 yards         Towels                                     13 Bundles

                                              1240 yards         Shirts                                        48

                                                                        NVA Flags                               7

Sewing Machines                                              VC Flags                                  2

                                                                        Russian Flags                            1

Singer                                          3                   NVA Banners                          2

Mitsubishi                                    4                  




Black Pajamas                          592

Green                                       123

Khaki                                       137

Gray                                           61

Nurses                                       50

Rain Suit                                      1






            (2) Destroyed:


Food:                                                               Commo Equipment:


Rice                                         121 tons           Commo Wire                           5.5 miles

Salt                                              1 ton            Radio Tubes                             10

Surgar                                          1 lb              PRC-25 Batteries                     12

RA-30 Batteries                       47


Military Equipment:                                                      


Packs                                       170                  Canteens                                  17

Helmets                                      17                  Canteen Cups                           13

Pistol Belts                                 49                  Canteen Covers                        12

Ammunition Pouches                  16                  Mess Kits                                 22

Ammunition Belts                        12                  Entrenching Tools                     23

Ammunition Magzaines   67                              Gas Masks                                 6

                                                                        Ponchs                                     15



Grenades                                  83                   Cooking Pots                           32

82mm Bore Brush                      1                    Water Cans                                3

M-14 Bolt                                  1                    Sampans                                  109

Mines                                         2                    Canoes                                       3

Bear Traps                                 1                    Fishing Poles                              5

Explosives                                510 lbs             Blankets                                   10

Trip Wire                                 75 feet             Concertina Wire                         1 Roll

Wire for Claymore                    100 feet            Hammocks                               34

Plows                                          1                   Hats, Bush                                22

Shovel Blades                           44                   Smoking Jackets                          2

Engineer Stakes                        250                  Barber Chippers                          1

Leg Chains                                  1 Set             Cigarette Lighters                        2

Stoves                                         6                   Cotton                                        1 Box

Gas                                          50 Gallons       Feed Bags                                11

Charcoal                                  300 lbs




Base Camps Destroyed

Regt Size                                   2                     Surgical Hospitals                     3

Bn Size                                     31                    POW Camps                           2

Co Size                                    48                    Foxholes                                  278

                                                81                    Huts                                         1359

                                                                        Bunkers                                    257

                                                                        Trench line                                1,040 meters  



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