A Collection Of Maps Used In Our Areas Of Operation

The Maps Appearing In The Following Links Have Been Provided To Our Site By
The Vietnam Center And Archive, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.
We Thank Mr. Justin Saffell, Head of Information Technology, For His Permission.

NOTE 1: These Files Are VERY LARGE And May Take An Extremely Long Time To Download For Viewing. Use Of A
High-Speed Internet Connection Is Recommended. The Printed Size Of The Files Is Greater Than Standard 8.5" x 11" Paper.
Maps Are 22.5" x 29" As Used In RVN (3390 pixels x 4361 pixels) And Average Approximately 12 MB Each. You Have Been Warned.

NOTE 2: If, In The Process Of Viewing The Large-Scale Map, You Should See A Small Map, Move Your Cursor To The Map
And Click On An Area To Enlarge That Portion ... That Should Show You The Full-Sized Image.

NOTE 3: After Viewing A Map, Use Your Browser's "BACK BUTTON" To Return To This Page.
NOTE 4: Eventually, We Will Add More Maps To Encompass Our Entire AO. All Maps Will Include Locations Of Our LZ's, FSB's And Other Locations Of Importance.
NOTE 5: All "Annotated" (Modified) Maps Are The Property Of This Site And Cannot Be Duplicated Without Permission.

Grid Zone: BS / Sheet: 6739-2 / Title: Quang Ngai / Scale: 1:50,000 (Northern AO)

Grid Zone: BS / Sheet: 6738-1 / Title: Mo Duc / Scale: 1:50,000 (Southern AO)

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