Fire Base and Landing Zone Map
Prepared By Larry Solie ~ 6th Battalion, 11th Artillery ~ Created January 2010

Click The Map Icon Below To Begin

1. The map page is best viewed via a high-speed internet connection. Allow the image to open fully.

2. Use the buttons in the lower right on the map page to enlarge/decrease the image size by clicking the "+" or "-" icons.
(NOTE: To quickly enlarge/decrease page size, use your mouse's "scroll" function)

3. Use the icon in the lower left on the map page to toggle between "satellite" or "map" views.

4. To move the image left/right or up/down you may use the "left-click" function of your mouse to drag the image.

5. Click any of the listed FB's/LZ's/Places on the sidebar on the map page to view their location on the image.

6. Click any of the colored markers on the map page to show the name of any marked place.


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