Casualty Report Log Codes

The following Casualty Report Log Codes apparently were used for 23rd Infantry Division (Americal).  These can be found in many documents during research of personnel and is very  helpful. Each soldier is classified when he reaches a medical facility and classifications can change as he proceeds through the system.


MISC - Minor injuries which may be of special interest to news media.

FRIAR - Slightly wounded or injured as a result of hostile action.

E - Elect to notifY next of kin

NE - Non-Elect to notifY next of kin.

DRIVE - Wounded or injured in action (not very seriously injured or wounded)

SMITE - Very seriously wounded / injured as a result of hostile action.

ETHER - Died as a result of hostile action before reaching a medical facility.

HlNGE - Died as a result of wounds received in hostile action.

PUNCH - Missing in action.

LOYAL - Non-hostile serious injury or very serious injury.

REACH - Non-hostile death after reaching medical facility.

CROWN - Non-hostile death prior to medical treatment.

NON-C - Source of record is other than casualty database.


Received this material from Don Smith 1-52 Infantry.

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